Hi there!

I’m Rosa. Except, that’s a lie. I mean, that’s not what it says on my driving license. I mostly live here in this bungalow, in a corner I made next to the window. It’s sweltering hot and I don’t get any sunlight.

I hope you’re having a nice day.

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Twitter and Instagram. These are very boring at the moment. Please don’t judge me (until I’ve posted something then by all means). Edit: I’m probably just going to replace these links with my personal Instagram but who knows. It’s all random, poorly-framed pictures on my personal one, mostly booze bottles and dead stuff I find. There was a dead bird on the beach the other day that looked like it was only head and shoulders, but my friend said it was a baby that had fallen into the sea. A baby bird that is. Big head for a baby bird. It made us talk about the albatrosses on that Attenborough documentary, who forget their young exist if they fall out of the nest. Prodigal son without a happy ending.

Email me: rosa@lyingrosa.com (if I don’t reply, I’m not ignoring you I’m just lazy, so comment here instead, and sorry in advance)