I’m trying to organise all my favourite things into a book. For various reasons, this is not an easy task. Here you’ll find the work-in-progress stubs, drafts and shitposts I need to display to the public in order to feel validated and purposeful enough to keep writing. I’m not tagging them though, so you’re probably only seeing this/them if you’re a follower. Hi! It’s completely amazing that you’re here. Comment at me! Email me! I looove chatting.

The book is a mix of stories and, well, philosophy, with a style and composition loosely inspired by Dr Hunter S Thompson. It does have a working title, but no that title doesn’t seem relevant just yet. Additions will probably be pretty random, badly structured and unfinished. I will edit them and change them around. I welcome any amount of involvement you want to have.

You’re all wonderful.


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